Mega Moisture Trap - Scent Free - 2 Litre Capacity

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Mega Moisture Trap - Scent Free - 2 Litre Capacity

£ 12.49 GBP

The Mega Moisture Trap is designed for use in living spaces of up to 30 square meters. This product is ideal for winter lockups, caravans, motor homes and other leisure vehicles. The Mega Moisture Trap is also ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, office spaces and storage units.

Twice the capacity of the Streamline Moisture Trap, this system is designed to take either Refill Tabs or Kontrol Krystals, our hygroscopic refill solutions allow you to replenish The Mega Moisture Trap again and again.  Like iron filings to a magnet, our hygroscopic Krystals attract moisture and assist in the prevention of  condensation, mould, mildew and unsightly damp. Krystals and Tabs typically last 6-8 weeks depending on ambient conditions.

The Mega Moisture Trap can be emptied safely through the integral pouring spout and our contactless refills are simple and easy to use.

Always read instructions on product packaging before use.