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Bill Bates, The Master of Kontrol

Kontrol was originally founded in Jersey part of the Channel Islands 40 years ago by Bill bates. Bill was an enterprising fellow an found a solution that benefited building and scaffolding business, a solution that helped cure their woodworm and dry rot problems.

Bill grew Kontrol throughout the Channel Islands, growing his distribution channels, reputation and customer base through his emphatic personality and hunger for business. Bill grew the business into the late 80's and developed clients across the Southern regions of the United Kingdom and his product and the Kontrol reputation brought about the attention of Scaffolding Great Britain, whom bought the company and its products, however, Bill fortuitously retained the Kontrol name.

Throughout the 90's Bill developed a range of household cleaning chemicals further developing our roots in the home and leisure environment. Ken had begun to work with Bill in his spare time and throughout the 90's developed a knowledge of the Moisture Trap Refill market.

In the early 2000's Ken took over the Kontrol brand and over the years the business developed into the one it is today.