Moisture Kontrol

Whether we realise it or not our living and work environments act as massive moisture traps. Older buildings and external facing walls act like sponges and absorb moisture from the outside atmosphere, while modern buildings and leisure vehicles are air tight to comply with modern building regulations and mechanical design and build specifications meaning that moisture is trapped inside.

We see this moisture when condensations forms on our windows, an unsightly patch of damp forms or wallpaper or paint work begins to peel or flake. Excess atmospheric humidity can also cause damage to structural wood, furniture, car body work, boat hulls as well as causing unwanted odours and/or musty stale air both of which are detrimental to health and well-being.

On average a 4 person household releases 10 litres of water into the household atmosphere each day through cooking, washing, using tumble dryers and also breathing. This excess moisture can cause one or more of the issues listed above, however, our Damp Kontrol range of products are here to assist you in managing excess ambient moisture and mitigate unwanted issues.

Our range of dehumidifiers are compact and ideal for use throughout the home, office and leisure environment. They fit on windowsills, inside drawers, on top of cupboards or even hang from wardrobe rails.

Our dehumidifiers require no power and work by attracting and extracting the excess moisture in the air. Like iron filings to a magnet, the calcium chloride within our krystals and tabz readily attracts excess moisture in the air, bringing it out of suspension and causing

Use our hanging wardrobe dehumidifiers, Our mini moisture traps in draws or cupboards, wherever you need a control dam.The New Aqua Trap and top selling. Streamline Moisture trap in the kitchen or living room and for extra capacity the Mega moisture trap

Our dehumidifiers can absorb and trap water up to twice its weight, and our range of refill products allow you to reuse traps again and again.

The Kontrol moisture trap works through a natural process, The hygroscopic crystals (calcium chloride) helps to removes moisture preventing condensation, mould, mildew,allergens and dust mites by absorbing excess moisture from the air.

By absorbing moisture, the Kontrol dehumidifier prevents the formation of mould with its bad smells.