Hanging Dehumidifier - Linen Scent - 1 Litre Capacity

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Hanging Dehumidifier - Linen Scent - 1 Litre Capacity

£ 5.99 GBP

Our Hanging Dehumidifier is designed to remove excess moisture from the air in your wardrobes & home. The simple to use leak proof design, helps to attract and trap moisture droplets, and their active scent helps to freshen air in confined spaces, keeping clothes and belongings safe from damp.

The hygroscopic Krystals (calcium chloride)  like iron filings to a magnet attract excess moisture, and help combat condensation, damp, mould, mildew and associated problems, whilst providing a delightful and subtle scent in the process.

The builtin hook makes this product easy to hang in wardrobes, caravans, boats, garages and anywhere excess moisture is causing a problem. The Hanging Dehumidifier will last between 6 - 8 weeks depending on ambient conditions and will Absorbs up to 2 times it's own weight in moisture, locking the liquid in.

Always read instructions on product packaging before use.