Presenting to you the new Aqua Air

Available January 2022

Kontrol Group

The Kontrol Group ethos is to offer our customers affordable, quality and safe solutions for the everyday challenges that modern living throws our way. These maybe solutions for "Kontrol" over excess moisture and the resulting unsightly and unpleasant damp and condensation in our homes, caravans or boats, also providing air care in our places of work.

Our business has grown over the years to offer our customers a wide variety of products to suit their needs in home, work and leisure life and we are pleased to have built strong and lasting partnerships across the world to allow us to provide you with the tools to take "Kontrol" and make everyday tasks and living  run a little smoother.

This website is a place where you can learn more about our products and services, order our products to be delivered directly to your door, speak to us about your experience with our product range, or if you're interested in stocking our product, visit our trade area to learn more about partnership opportunities .

Find the right product for you

Below we have highlighted 3 of our flagship products. These products offer three different solutions for you to sue depedning on the environment that you're looking to use them in.

Our traps are designed to work with both all proprietary refill options such as our refill tabz or kontrol krystals, all of which are available from ourselves and multiple retailers across the UK, Europe and Austalasia. This provides you with an enviromentally concious way to continually use our products.

Streamline Moisture Trap

Our Streamline Moisture Trap is designed to fit neatly on windowsills, on top of a ddesk, on a work shop shelf or in any place where there is a requirement for an ergonomic moisture solution.

This trap works with all of our Kontrol krystals.

Mega Moisture Trap

Our Mega Moisture Trap is designed to work in large areas such as storage lockups, leisure boats, caravans, warhouses etc. The trap works with both our refill tabz and kontrol krystals.

Kontrol Krystals

Our Kontrol Krystals come in 500g, 1Kg and 2'5Kg sizes and are a perfect solution to use in our Streamline Moisture Traps, Aqua Air, Aqua Moisture Traps and Mega moisture traps. Our Krsyatls come in both scent free and linen fragrance and provide an amazing solution to remove excess moisture in their surrounding environemnt.

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Become a trade Customer

We are always on the look out for new partners wwho want tow ork with us on the distiribution of our products. We now work across more than 8 countries and have distirbution to 3 continents and we're looking to increase this. Please have a look at our products brochure which gives an insight into our category. Alternatively contact us and we'd be more htan happy to discuss how we can work with you to grow your business and ours.


National and International Delivery

We know that during COVID-19 everyone is unsure about what the future holds.

That said: we love making sure you stay in "Kontrol" and we wanted you to know that we are continuing to work to provide you with access to our ever increasing product range.


Ken and The Kontrol Group Team