Aqua Trap - Scent Free - 0.9 Litre Capacity

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Aqua Trap - Scent Free - 0.9 Litre Capacity

£ 4.99 GBP

The Aqua Trap offers a new ergonomic modern design for moisture solution. The new solution is designed to assist in the freshening of air and absorption of excess moisture from the atmosphere.

The Aqua Trap is for use with our Kontrol Refill Tabs and attract excess moisture, like a magnet does iron filings. The Aqua Trap system helps combat condensation, mould, mildew and unsightly damp.

Each Refill Tab lasts 6 - 8 weeks depending in typical ambient conditions. The integral spout allows you to safely pour away the collected liquid and the contactless system on our refill tabs allows you to simply, safely and cleanly replenish the Aqua Trap.

Always read instructions on product packaging before use.